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Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Kinesiolgy Taping
Infrared Light Therapy
Assised Stretch Therapy
Seated Side Bend

About Profere

Profere focuses on offering outstanding in-home wellness therapies around your schedule!


Profere Providers are licensed and trained professionals. Our Providers are prompt, respectful to your home, and will bring everything needed for your session so that you can enjoy the ultimate wellness experience.


Profere wellness providers will come to you- at the hospital, your home, the office, your yacht, hotel room- ANYWHERE! 

No more fighting traffic, no more hassles.

Profere takes care of everything so you can focus on more important things.

  • Same Day & Evening Appointments

  • House, Apartments, Hotels, hospitals clinics, offices, recovery houses, ETC.

  • Corporate events

  • After Surgery/rehabilitation.

  • And more...



"This has been a great service! I used to go to my massages but this is way more convenient. I just started a three months membership and I’m loving it!


"I had surgery and I was in pain so I decided to get Lymphatic drainage massages from Profere. Best decision ever! I have recommended them to my family and friends. Thanks!"



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