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Full Body Relaxing Massage to Boost Immunity during COVID-19

Massage is a great alternative to health care for supporting and boosting immunity naturally along with proper care and prevention. It’s also a great way to increase the activity of white blood cells leading to more active viruses combat making your body strong against invaders. In the time of enhanced need for a stronger immune system, supplements, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, and neuropathy is an excellent way to fight foreign germs by building a healthy immune system because we all are under the attack of coronavirus and our immune system should be good enough to stay healthy and to avoid getting any disease. Diet and exercise play important role in building a healthy immune system.

When to take precautions during COVID situation

  • Feeling sick

  • Having fever (low grade or high both)

  • Coughing

  • Having difficulty in breathing

  • Loss of taste

  • Loss of smell

  • Body aches

  • Trouble doing anything

Body massage benefits during COVID-19

1. Boost healthy immune system to fight diseases

Body massages build a healthy immune system to kill certain cells, decreasing T-cells hence improving the overall body immune system. Better immunity better will be the body’s response against diseases and the same is the situation with COVID-19. People with a better immune system will have fewer chances of getting the disease, and if somehow they caught the infection, there will be fewer chances of death. Getting 45 minutes of massage per week for a whole month increases the serotonin level helping in building a healthy immune system against diseases and infection. The better the circulation faster will be the recovery.

2. Overall body massage benefits

Massage; a great way to boost circulation in the body ensuring the proper provision of nutrients to all parts of the body contributing to better immunity helps in fighting any foreign invaders. Blood circulation also improves the quality of tissues in the body allowing better movement of body parts. In the affected area of the body, important parts of the immune system which fight against viruses and bacteria also lower down due to pain, which helps in fighting against infection and cancer; body massage can help in preventing this process.

3. Boost immunity naturally in pregnant ladies

To check the efficiency of aromatherapy massage in boosting immunity naturally, a trial was carried out consisting of 52 healthy females.

After that they were split into 2 controlled groups;

One was getting 72 minutes of aromatherapy massage with 2 percent of lavender oil every other week and the other group with no therapy at all. Researchers found out that the controlled group which was getting aromatherapy with lavender oil shown a significant decrease in stress hormone cortisol and with increased immune markers.

So, there is proven evidence that aromatherapy massage is beneficial for pregnant ladies to increase positivity in life by decreasing stress with naturally boosted immunity.

4. Boost immunity naturally with a single session

Even a single session of massage therapy can boost immunity naturally by bringing changes in immunity patterns and endocrine responses. Even a small session of Swedish massage comprised of 45 minutes can decrease stress and build a healthy immune system.

Swedish massage is very popular in American adults; people receive this body massage to get a good break from their hectic routine and as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Blood samples were collected at various intervals before and after this massage therapy and researchers found out that there was an increase in the number of lymphocytes, playing role in protecting from diseases building a healthy immune system.

Decrease in the level of arginine vasopressin a hormone responsible for increased stress hormone cortisol has also been seen.

5. Full body relaxing massage in cold and flu

Do you think this massage can help you get rid of the flu and cold? Yes, it surely can. Because when people get full body relaxing massage they start feeling relaxed physically and people with less stress and enhanced relaxation are much less likely to fall ill. Because better will be the immune system lower will be the chances of getting sick.

There is still a lack of research about the coronavirus but better immunity can decrease the susceptibility towards COVID-19 and even if you fall ill there will be fewer chances of any kind of severity. Massage therapy boosts immunity naturally decreasing the risk of infection.

Along with all the precaution and body massage therapies to build immunity naturally, social distancing and wearing a mask is a must thing. Stay safe and follow the precautions to keep the people safe around you. Because you might have a naturally boosted immunity with body massage but there will still be so many week people out there who can get infected because of you.

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