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Therapeutic Massage Health Benefits for Your Nervous System

The human body activates millions of chemicals inside the body to maintain homeostasis and balance in our body. Our nervous system is comprised of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and minute nerve endings which work with the endocrine system regulating body functions by releasing hormones and chemicals producing the desire of physical responses in the body to maintain and achieve homeostasis.

When the human body gets a therapeutic massage, body massage benefits the whole body by stimulating the nervous system encouraging it to produce hormones, giving various health benefits throughout the body along with the reduction of unwanted and excessive chemicals causing detrimental effects within the body.

Need a massage? call us today, because to work properly and actively we need various elements of our nervous system to work within balance. Due to a busy and rough lifestyle, certain elements of the nervous system can become unbalanced over time.

Body massage benefits for Nervous system

Modern illnesses and ancient treatment

Have you ever wondered why body massage has been so popular since thousands of years ago? People of different tribes and cultures are familiar with massage health benefits for making you strong and healthy. It promotes well-being and good health. It not only makes you feel better but body massage also benefits you to recover from various illnesses present around the globe. Massage practitioners never clam the treatment of every disease but it can help in lowering the symptoms of disease making you feel cured and relaxed.

Massage is a complementary treatment along with traditional treatment. Even massage recipients cannot neglect the body massage benefits. Body massage helps the release of different chemicals in the body helping in enhancing mental and physical health providing benefits to the nervous system, making the massage an essential element of lifestyle.

Hormones and therapeutic massage

Therapeutic body massage benefits the body by promoting the release of chemicals and hormones to make your nervous system better.


When someone feel depressed or in danger, the stress hormone cortisol is released into the body. Due to its high level, it becomes the reason for so many other illnesses including sleep deprivation, anxiety, aggression, and depression. It’s the sign you need a massage. When you get a body massage from a practitioner your body starts feeling relaxed lowering the level of cortisol helping the body to return towards homeostasis, physical and mental well-being, and ensuring the improved nervous system.


when you are in pain, your body needs a massage to provide you with massage health benefits by producing endorphin in response to massage to reduce pain and to give the feeling of physical well-being. Production of endorphin promotes the process of healing, swelling, and increased recovery.


A low level of serotonin within the body causes eating disorders, depression, and compulsive disorders. This hormone regulates the mood causing calming effects and appropriate emotions. It also decreases irritability and the number of cravings in the body. Getting a therapeutic massage can increase the level of serotonin in the body producing calmness in the body. Therapeutic massage provides health benefits by maintaining the level of hormones within the body.


Dopamine is a hormone responsible for enhancing mood, joy, and enthusiasm influencing the overall mood of an individual and its deficiency can cause inability to focus, clumsiness, and lack of motor control. Therapeutic body massage benefits the body by increasing the level of dopamine in the body explaining the level of pleasure and satisfaction within and after the healthy body massage.

Therapeutic massage and nervous system

When the body is being touched, our receptors cells get activated. The style and type of touch determine the reaction of cells and the information they are going to transfer along nervous system, brain, and other body parts. The nervous system should be free of compression to work properly. Sometimes tensed muscles exert pressure against nerves, producing pain in them. Therapeutic massage benefits the body by relaxing the body.

To work actively and efficiently, elements of nervous system should work within balance. Due to a hectic lifestyle, certain elements of the nervous system can become unbalanced over time and therapeutic body massage can helps in restoring the balance in different parts of the nervous system.

How therapeutic massage works

Body massage is a powerful tool for the nervous system’s health, balancing and regulating the functions of the nervous system. Massage health benefits depend upon the number of factors included in therapeutic massage sessions for example depth of pressure, kind of pressure, stroke length, and time of session. In general terms, therapeutic body massage benefits the body by relaxing it to perform the upcoming tasks better than before.

  • It calms down the nervous system helping in lowering the symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Makes the provision of nutrients better by making the blood circulation better

  • Produce serotonin and endorphins; hormones to make you feel good and a natural pain killer

  • Therapeutic body massage benefits the body by treating the sore muscle issues and injury

  • Massage provides health benefits to the body by reducing the compression in the nerves.

There is no way to describe the benefits of a simple massage. Get at least one per month and you will see the difference in your body.


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